LTS Across II

The Across II is a developmental step forward from our Across series as a result of testing and re-testing these hugely successful rods. You may ask if it is necessary to change a rod series that was so successful. However, we at LTS believe that there is always room for improvement and we listen to our customers when developing new products or upgrading current products.

Therefore, our Across II range comes in the 13', 14' and 15' feet range. This model is a little deeper than its predecessor and will create an easier action for everyone to cast well and further.

The handle is made of high quality Portuguese cork, which is thinner and lighter to give that very responsive feel for a delicate and sensitive cast. The rod blank is made of high-grade quality graphite from one of the worlds leading suppliers of carbon fibre, also used in space technology. This combined with the binding process, gives the rod a low weight, thin diameter and allows us to create the very best rods that we at LTS feel there are available.

This is a rod that will fit all possible techniques and skill levels and will help support your journey into better styles of casting.

  • Model
  • 13 #7/8/9
  • 13 #8/9/10
  • 14 #9/10/11
  • 15 #10/11/12
  • Weight
  • ---
  • 252
  • ---
  • 290
  • Pieces
  • 4
  • 4
  • 4
  • 4
  • Prefered line weight
  • Scandi: 36-42g Skagit: 610 Grains
  • ---
  • Scandi: 41-46g Skagit: 650 Grains