LTS Color Series

After further testing, the new reels is ready for launch, now better than ever.
The snap comes with full frame on all models for enhanced strength and to prevent the sky bar from wedging between the bobbin and the house. The silky soft waterproof nano carbon brake, which can withstand all sorts of stress and conditions, makes this snap to a sure winner. Fresh design in multiple colors at a competitive price. The trout version comes in 3 versions 3/4, 5/6 and 3/6 HD (Heavy duty)
The Hd version is as big as 5/6 snella but has a powerful brake that makes it very reliable even on large fish like sea trout and salmon as well

  • Totally waterproof design
  • Large arbor design
  • Easily left and right hand exchanged
  • Fully CNC Machined from 6061-T6 solid bar stock
  • Carbon drag system
  • Top quality color anodizing
  • LTS Ephemera 3/4 Dark olive gold
  • LTS Ephemera 5/6 Dark olive gold
  • LTS Ephemera 3/6 HD Dark olive gold
  • LTS Across 6/9 Red black
  • LTS Explosive 6/9 Yellow black
  • LTS Zalt 6/9 Silver blue
  • LTS Across 9/10 red black
  • LTS Explosive 9/10 yellow black
  • LTS X1 9/10 Black reed
  • LTS Across 10/13 red black
  • LTS Explosive 10/13 Yellow red
  • LTS X1 10/13 Black reed