Double Handed Lines

Here at LTS we take great pride in producing the best we can for our customers. Our lines are no exception. Our double hand lines are delivered in many different disciplines. This allows you to decide on the best line for the best conditions.

We have covered many different sink rates, head length and weight ratings in grams to ensure that you match up your line with your rod to maximise efficiency. We deliberately tested and developed our lines to address even the trickiest of situations regardless of your skill level.

Introduced this year are the great Explosive Skagit lines and Extreme Short Speedlines. These lines perform in different ways. However, our Skagit has received many great reviews from our customers around the world who feel we have produced one of the best Skagit set ups on the market. Our Extreme Short line matches well with short rod fishing and allows the turnover of even the heaviest of flies without compromising on presentation.

Our 3S range of lines have a great rear weight ratio that also allows the turnover of heavy flies on larger rods. Our 3S is a triple density line that starts at FHI (Float Hover Intermediate) and goes all the way down to the heavy S6 sink rate. This allows great depth and slows the flies down in large water conditions.

Our Speedline also shows exactly what shooting head style of lines can do when designed right. These lines have been thoroughly put to the test around the world on Steelhead in BC all the way to deep water river fishing in the Arctic Circle. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

All of our lines are fully detailed in the description part of our webpage