LTS Ephemera

Our Ephemera range was produced and tested by Bjarnar Skjevdal and Trond Syrstad, who cam up with the great #4 and #5 weight rods that Bjarnar was looking for in his rod design. There was no doubt when the finished article was agreed on, that the range should be called "Ephemera" well known in the Norwegian language for meaning the most beautiful day of our day. The Ephemera is a also entomologically recognised as a dry fly state, which is prefect description for our range.

These rods are equipped with a deep lower half and a more distinctive top rod action. The deep action coupled with the distinctive tip action allows you to speed up your lines when you need to present a longer cast without the risk of "tails" at the end of your presentation.

The rods are quadrupled and equipped with black X1 fasteners, half cork handles and snake eye finishes, but with thudded benefit of a ceramic rod ring to complete the high class and classic look finish. The logo and the rings have a gold finish and the rod comes with an additional tip, because we understand how important it is when your day can be "spoiled" when accidents happen in the top section during gentle presentation casting in tight spots and overhanging conditions

  • Model
  • 9 #3
  • 9 #4
  • 9 #5
  • 9 #6
  • Weight
  • Pieces
  • 4
  • 4
  • 4
  • 4
  • Prefered line weight