Single Handed Lines

Here at LTS we take great pride in producing the best we can for our customers. Our lines are no exception. We have a range of single hand lines such as Easy Distance, Diamond and Zalt. Whilst these have been tested with our own products, we know that you will not be disappointed by their performance with your own tackle.

We use some of the very best products there are on the market from proven manufacturers and test them in real fishing conditions. The coatings used on our lines are designed to ensure that they run smoothly from the point of load to forward release and these coatings also protect the lines from harsh conditions such as extreme cold, heat and of course salt water (in the case of our Zalt line). These lines are balanced well to allow maximum performance, with our Zalt line having a semi-transparent coating on the "belly" section to improve salt water presentation.

Our lines are weight forward lines to ensure that the turnover is delivered in a way that all of our customers would expect.

all of our lines are fully detailed in the description part of our webpage.