LTS Slingshot II

Fly rods that lack the ability to create an efficient D Loop, regardless of whether they have a fast, powerful and deep action, characterise that virtually no matter how good your technique is, the line will loose energy and speed when attempting to cast a long line.

LTS Slingshot II is built to create a casting action that emulates a sling when it is thrown and the fly line achieves a speed, length and importantly, energy that you are looking for to cast long lines efficiently and with ease. These rods are lightweight and fit perfectly for beginners and the most proficient of casters alike.

These are deep rods that bend long down into the handle at full load, whilst at the same time the top section of the rod is powerful and does not yield even when using heavy sink lines and large flies. However, do not be mistaken, this rod is by all means a "fishing rod" and not just a casting cannon for long distance casting.

  • Model
  • 12,6 #8
  • 13,2 #9
  • 15,0 #10
  • Weight
  • 228g
  • 252g
  • 292g
  • Pieces
  • 4
  • 4
  • 4
  • Prefered line weight