LTS Valhalla

Valhalla is found within Norse mythology and is the great hall within the mighty castle of the Gods called Asgaard. Valhalla is the great hall where great Viking warriors come to when they are killed in battle and are honoured there. The Vikings revere it within Norse mythology as the place where warriors join the gods. LTS have developed their own series of fishing warriors and now present them as the Valhalla series.

The LTS Valhalla series takes over from the immensely successful X1 range that is now ready to retire. This rod has the classic LTS action where the bottom section of the rod generates power along its length, directly to the line. Here we have tired to recreate the feeling of our more expensive rods, but with budget in mind for our customers. However, we have not compromised on quality to create this new series for LTS and we are sure you will agree when you try them for yourself

  • Model
  • 12,6 #8
  • 13,6 #9
  • Weight
  • Pieces
  • 4
  • 4
  • Prefered line weight